Journey to Vulnerability: A 4-Week Devotion

Journey to Vulnerability: A 4-Week Devotion

In our culture, vulnerability = weakness. But what if releasing all of that anxiety, shame, and fear is actually the path to freedom?

In the Journey to Vulnerability, you’ll learn from host Kellye Fabian how unique spiritual practices like praying common prayers and laughter can guide you to true healing and transformation. You’ll discover how to release those things in life that hold you back and learn how to find true freedom.

Journey to Vulnerability is based on the new book Holy Vulnerability: Spiritual Practices for the Broken, Ashamed, Anxious, and Afraid by Kellye Fabian. In this journey, you’ll experience three of the six practices outlined in her book.

Week 1: In Our Independent Culture, Vulnerability = Weakness

Week 2: What It Means to Surrender

Week 3: The Practice of Praying Common Prayers

Week 4: Laughter as a Spiritual Practice