Who Inspires Your Pastor?

Who Inspires Your Pastor?

None of us are meant to walk the life of faith alone. In that respect, our pastors are a gift to us—inspiring us, sharing our burdens, pointing us continually to Christ. Who is doing that for them?

It’s a privilege to share with you candid conversations that NavPress recorded with pastor Eric Peterson, whose father, Eugene Peterson, is world-renowned as a professor, pastor, and translator of The Message Bible. Both father and son were called to pastoral ministry, and over the course of several years Eugene wrote Eric letters about the art and the heart of pastoring. The bonds of affection and shared vocation come through powerfully in Letters to a Young Pastor; the impact of Eugene’s wisdom comes through clearly in Eric’s Letters to a Young Congregation.

I wondered, would others benefit from the enduring wisdom in these letters?

I model my role as a pastor after my father, Eugene Peterson.

Should churches appeal to the culture?

It was hard to fill the big shoes of my pastor-father, Eugene Peterson.

The letters between my dad and I— I needed to say some hard things.

What makes us valuable?

Pastor Eugene’s commissioning to translate The Message Bible.

Church planting demanded more of me than I thought I had.

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