The Message of Hope & Spiritual First Aid Summit

The Message of Hope & Spiritual First Aid Summit

Running through the entirety of the Bible is a continuous message: Hope in God. God will not disappoint.

The Message of Hope is a sourcebook for your soul’s journey, carefully collected and curated from the Bible. Move from disappointments—both small and large—to a life anchored in Jesus. It is a valuable resource for individuals and churches during difficult times.

Given current events, NavPress has partnered with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) to get The Message of Hope to those that need it most. This partnership is launching with the Spiritual First Aid Summit on April 30th. Join Christian leaders like NT Wright, Pete Scazzero, and Danielle Strickland as they provide practical guidance on effective ministry during these trying times.

Everyone who registers can watch all the speakers on demand, even after the 30th.


The ongoing partnership with HDI involves a Get One, Give One deal for everyone who purchases a copy of The Message of Hope.

How it works: When you buy a copy of The Message of Hope, NavPress will send a copy on your behalf to an organization HDI is working with on the frontlines of ministry.  All you need to do is enter “hdi” as your coupon code at checkout.

If you buy 1, we send 1; buy 100, we send 100! We will always match. NavPress provides large discounts and free shipping for all bulk orders.

The Message of Hope is a gritty and encouraging book for every follower of Christ going through hardship. It fits in your back pocket and is a popular resource for churches.

Read a free excerpt of The Message of Hope or get your copy here.