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Who Inspires Your Pastor?

None of us are meant to walk the life of faith alone. In that respect, our pastors are a gift to us—inspiring us, sharing our burdens, pointing us continually to Christ. Who is doing that for them? It’s a privilege to share with you candid conversations that NavPress recorded with pastor Eric Peterson, whose father,

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How to Lead a Virtual Bible Study

A free webinar on Thursday, August 13th at 2PM CST with Bible study author Teresa Swanstrom Anderson Video will be available to watch on-demand after August 13th. Social distancing has caused church services and small groups to be on an indefinite break, but that doesn’t need to be true for you or your Bible study

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10 Assurances of Eternal Life

By Donald S. Whitney It is normal for a Christian to have occasional doubts about salvation. Persistent doubts, however, are a source of major concern. And although no doubts should be ignored, chronic worries about salvation must be resolved. Conversely, it is typical for non-Christians to think they are safe when they are not and

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Need a Speaker? NavPress Authors are Here to Help!

When your event calls for trusted voices that speak to today’s audiences about discipleship, consider NavPress. Our stable of authors include many seasoned speakers who address spiritual formation from a variety of perspectives, including Christian leadership, prayer, evangelism, women’s issues, Christians in the workplace, overcoming addiction, sexual wholeness, parenting, processing grief—just to name a few.

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The Message of Hope & Spiritual First Aid Summit

Running through the entirety of the Bible is a continuous message: Hope in God. God will not disappoint. The Message of Hope is a sourcebook for your soul’s journey, carefully collected and curated from the Bible. Move from disappointments—both small and large—to a life anchored in Jesus. It is a valuable resource for individuals and

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