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Journey to Free, Week Four: Being Vulnerable Can Make You . . . Free

  Getting honest about shame is more difficult than getting honest about garden-variety sin and woundedness. So when I’m teaching about healing from shame, I use an exercise to help folks have courage to take a step toward vulnerability. Everyone receives a blank cardboard mask. I ask them to write on the front of their

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Journey to Free, Week Three: Childhood Is Where the Battle of Shame Starts

Shame is transmitted primarily through shame-based family systems. If our child hearts receive the parental love we’re created for, we flourish—and begin to be drawn to an even Greater Love that will fill us “with all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:19, nrsv). But if the love we desperately need is absent, love’s opposite—shame—immediately occupies

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Journey to Free, Week One: Could You Live without Jesus?

My friend Clarence was raised in an abusive home, got out as soon as he could, and by age twenty was an apprentice ironworker. He shared with me recently, “Today it’s different, but when I first started, if you didn’t do what all the guys were doing, they didn’t want you around.” That meant drinking

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Journey to Free: A Four-Week Devotion

At NavPress, we’re all about making disciples—helping people become more like Jesus. This conversation is about living free from life-stealing, “try harder” Christianity—by living saturated in the love of Jesus. Our guide will be J. Kevin Butcher, author of the soon-to-be-released book, Free: Rescued from Shame-Based Religion, Released into the Life-Giving Love of Jesus. Kevin

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