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Final Week: Let’s Learn about the Superpower of Celebration

Now that you’ve learned and have been practicing Tiny Habits for a few weeks, it’s time to spend more time mastering the transforming skill of Celebration, which produces the feeling of Shine. You must master this skill because it produces bursts of dopamine—the happiness hormone—throughout your day. Oh, Baby! If you’ve ever spent time taking

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Week 3: Your Tool Kit Will Inspire You and Help Create Shine

Tiny Habits invite you to see the truth that you can always take your next good step. Tiny and simple keeps you moving forward, because you always have the ability to take action and do something. This is how, prompted by pain, you created the unhealthy, undesirable habits to numb your sorrow. You felt sadness

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Week 2: Goals Don’t Work. Systems Do.

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? Then you know how those commonly work out. Not so great, right? There’s no reason to play the guilt, shame, and self-condemnation game. These types of personal failures have nothing to do with a lack of willpower. Instead, they have everything to do with a fundamental misunderstanding

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Week 1: Sorrow is a Gift

The gift of sorrow is a signal to slow down and stop running for your life, because you can never outrun your sorrow. It always catches up with you and eventually takes you down. The core reason that you can’t outrun sadness is because, as Pastor Bob Moeller told me, “Sorrow is a gift.” Sorrow

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Journey to Vulnerability: Week 2

You can review previous journey messages here. What It Means to Surrender If we cannot think our way into control or surrender, what else can do we do to turn our trust over to God and surrender our illusion of control? When I first became a Christian, I wanted to follow Jesus with everything I

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