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The Rhythm of Us, Part 5

Naming What Matters Most   Our rhythms emerge from what we value. That’s why, when the rhythms that fill our life and marriage flow from our deepest shared values, we experience the thriving marriage we long for. Take some time to make a list of what matters most to you, individually, and then together as

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The Rhythm of Us, Part 4

Three Ways to Cultivate Adventure in Your Marriage Why do we need adventure? And how in the world is adventure an essential part of a thriving marriage? The truth is, we’re all wired for adventure. No one wants to get to the end of their life still holding a long list of things they wish

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The Rhythm of Us, Part 3

Why Slowing Down and Saying Yes to Your Spouse Matters Hurrying—it might just be the most dangerous sin of all because it doesn’t really feel like one. But busyness, hurry, and distraction have the greatest potential to steal the most joy from our lives. And joy, as a friend recently reminded me, is actually where

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The Rhythm of Us, Part 2

Enter Each Other’s World One of the greatest gifts we were given at the very beginning of our marriage was the opportunity to sit with and learn from a handful of inspiring, remarkable couples whom we greatly admired, as they graciously poured out their wisdom for us young bucks. One of the rhythms we found

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The Rhythm of Us, Part 1

Four Ways to Affirm Your Spouse Hi, friends! It’s Jenni. Think of the couples you admire most in your life. One thing we’ve noticed time and time again is that any thriving couple who has made it together over the long haul just has this incredible way of talking about each other, with a deep

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