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Sometime a Solution Can Be Worse than the Problem

I was in seventh grade when Mom and Dad bought a run-down cattle ranch about thirty miles northeast of San Jose. Besides the sprawling but neglected ranch house, there were acres of rolling hills, fenced pastures, and decrepit fruit trees, along with a seasonal creek. With just one brief excursion to Oklahoma, I had lived

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Our Christmas Gift Staff Picks

This year, our team wanted to share some of their top gift picks. Read on to see what our staff members suggest! Don, Publisher The Other Side of Infamy: My Journey through Pearl Harbor and the World of War  With the recent passing of George H. W. Bush, I have recognized that the Greatest Generation

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“Religion” According to the Bible

Oddly enough, there is no Hebrew word in the Old Testament text that corresponds exactly to our word, religion. Of course, there are a number of other words and concepts that certainly illustrate what we mean. Those words, especially within the books detailing the Mosaic law, are used over and over. Typically, they are translated

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Let the Light Back In

It’s difficult to comprehend how truly tragic the circumstances are, and yet I am hopeful. There is light peering through this darkness; the darkness that impotently attempts to snuff it out. It shall not succeed. HELLO, MY FRIEND. I see you. I see the pain you’re in. I know that darkness. We all find ourselves in

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The Traits of a Praiseworthy Woman

PROVERBS 31:25-30 (MSG) When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say,               and she always says it kindly. She keeps an eye on everyone in her household,               and keeps them all busy and productive. Her children respect and bless her;               her husband joins in with words of praise: “Many women have done

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