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Leadership Will Never Be Right if Your Heart is Wrong

Leaders ultimately are judged by their actions, which Jesus teaches flow from the heart. Some of the stuff that came out of my dad’s junkyard would have made Dr. Frankenstein proud (and I have a lot of great junkyard stories in my book, Salvaged). Like the Ford station wagon painted lime green—with a large plastic frog

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Sometime a Solution Can Be Worse than the Problem

I was in seventh grade when Mom and Dad bought a run-down cattle ranch about thirty miles northeast of San Jose. Besides the sprawling but neglected ranch house, there were acres of rolling hills, fenced pastures, and decrepit fruit trees, along with a seasonal creek. With just one brief excursion to Oklahoma, I had lived

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Why Is It Important to Memorize Scripture?

The Bible has much to say about the power of God’s Word in helping us grow and stand against temptation. In fact, Jesus quoted scripture when Satan tempted him in the desert. Scripture is called the Sword of the Spirit in Ephesians 6:17 and is the single piece of a believer’s armor with an offensive and defensive

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What Church Looks Like When We Actually Follow Jesus

What would it look like if we reformed ourselves to look like the Kingdom Jesus spoke about, if we lived the pure, undefiled religion James wrote about? How could we reshape our churches into real communities of faith in which Beatitudes people were viewed as the treasure of the church? Our church world would certainly

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Are You a Lover of Life?

How many followers of Jesus love life? I mean really love life, with palpable energy. Have you seen them? There are a few out there. I have met one or two. They are good people to be around. You feel encouraged. You feel safe. You actually really want what they have. Whoever of you loves

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