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Sacred Questions Downloads

This year I don’t want to simply read the Bible. I want the Bible to read me. An adventurous quest, right? Sacred Questions is a devotional tool that will guide your time in Scripture, prayer, and quietness with the Lord. Through fourteen sections, including one each for Christmas and Easter, you can spend a year

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Explore God—The Next Steps

What are you and your church doing to continue the conversation that started with the Explore God events? Take the message from a 7-week campaign to an integral part of your church culture, and a part of everyday lives. Many still have unanswered questions and want to learn more. The Next Steps provides a structure

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Developing a Gospel Centered Identity

How does one know whether their core identity is centered in the truth of the gospel or something else? The key is where a person gets their sense of worth. How do they feel when achieve certain accomplishments? It is appropriate to feel good about our achievements, but do they define us? If a person

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Focus in a Fragmented World

Pastors often live fragmented and cluttered lives. Everyone has an agenda for them—so many needs, so many opportunities, so many meetings, so many telephone calls, so many demands pulling them in so many different ways. Paul was familiar with the complexities involved in a pastor’s calling, but he still insisted on simplicity. I once read

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Sometime a Solution Can Be Worse than the Problem

I was in seventh grade when Mom and Dad bought a run-down cattle ranch about thirty miles northeast of San Jose. Besides the sprawling but neglected ranch house, there were acres of rolling hills, fenced pastures, and decrepit fruit trees, along with a seasonal creek. With just one brief excursion to Oklahoma, I had lived

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