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A Prayer to Warm Hearts to Faith

Nature has a profound effect on our perception of God. People of different nations seeing the same beautiful night sky and being moved to prayer in many different languages. One particular Psalm expresses the awe and wonder of God’s greatness. God’s glory is on tour in the skies,        God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.

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6 Dos and Dont’s of Spiritual Conversations

You might be familiar with the old Star Trek episodes in which Captain Kirk would encounter unknown life-forms on new planets and declare, “We come in peace!” Sometimes I think this declaration should be a mandatory starting point when engaging in spiritual conversations. We come in peace. It often feels as if completely different worlds

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Learning the Route by Heart

When we travel often to the same destination, there comes a time when we no longer need a map [or directions via GPS]. That’s because we’ve memorized the route by heart. It is similar in our spiritual journeys. When we have God’s Word stored in our hearts, it serves as a map to get us

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Eugene Peterson Explains Why He Wrote The Message

Reading the Bible turns up some surprises. The biggest surprise for many is how accessible this book is to those who simply open it up and read it. Virtually anyone can read this Bible with understanding. The reason that new translations are made every couple of generations or so is to keep the language of

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Seek the Ultimate Praise

The woman described in Proverbs 31 has been my mentor for many years. I have learned from her wholehearted example of living out her everyday life for God. The priority in this woman’s life is seen in verse 30 – her fear of God. It is her spiritual life that is commended and is the

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