Hearing the Louder Song through the Lenten Season

Hearing the Louder Song through the Lenten Season

A 7-Week Devotional Journey through Lament

Whether you are new to the Lenten journey, have participated in Lent for years, or simply need to face difficulties in your life, we invite you into this soulful time through this series of devotional readings. Our guide will be Aubrey Sampson, author of The Louder Song: Listening for Hope in the Midst of Lament.


Each reading features a short, weekly, Scripture-based devotion followed by reflection questions, a prayer, and a practice of lament. An ancient practice, lament continues to be a valuable exercise. Lament minds the gap between hopelessness and coming hope. It recognizes the existence of evil and suffering—without any sugarcoating—while simultaneously declaring that suffering will not have the final say.

Please join us! Click the links below to catch up on readings from previous weeks. You will receive weekly emails for upcoming readings.

Week 1: Creating Space between the Already and the Not Yet

Week 2: What Is Lament?

Week 3: Leaning into Lament

Week 4: Don’t Fake Fine

Week 5: Escaping the Prisons of Our Past

Week 6: Yet—the Paradigm Shift of All Laments

Week 7: The Trajectory of Lament is Hope