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Life is hard. We often find ourselves walking through stories that don’t feel like they should be ours. And yet here we are. We wonder where our good God is in the midst of it.

But we are not left without hope. In fact—we have the greatest hope of all. Through vulnerable stories and rich insight, Paula Rinehart and Connally Gilliam point to the Larger Story that carries all the anxiety, longing, and beauty of your life. The backdrop of the big gospel story—creation (how life ought to be), the fall (how life is), redemption (how life can be), and restoration (how life will be one day)—gives context to our lives and hope for walking forward. The grand story of the gospel of Jesus Christ frames our every step.

Discover renewed strength and joy in the middle of your ache . . . and the goodness of God that will give you the courage to remain yet undaunted.

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I’ve been a fan of Paula Rinehart since my twenties. Her ability to combine sound, biblical theology with her sensitivity as a counselor is remarkable. This book is no exception—it’s a must-read for anyone seeking to make sense of their story in light of God’s greater story.

If life has turned out differently from what you expected, read this book. Paula Rinehart and Connally Gilliam skillfully write about our longings, our realities, our disappointments, and our hope for a life that’s more perfect. And Yet, Undaunted will take you into a deeper understanding of God’s Larger Story. The authors aren’t afraid to ask hard questions about why a good God allows bad things to happen. You’ll learn how to experience fresh faith, restored joy, and rediscovered hope as you apply Scripture to your life and find yourself surprised by God’s goodness. This book is powerful, thought provoking, unsettling (in a good way), and chock-full of biblical wisdom. Don’t miss it!

These women’s sage words are a beacon for those of us desperate to find him within the chaos and ache and uncertainty of our lives.

In their lovely new book, And Yet, Undaunted, coauthors Paula Rinehart and Connally Gilliam invite women to dwell with the tension between what we long for and what is. Sharing stories from their own lives, Paula and Connally invite us to see the gospel at work, redeeming our broken lives and offering us hope we can cling to when we encounter our own sinfulness, unfulfilled dreams, and deepest losses. The gospel, with its promise of a full and future redemption, is powerfully at work now, providing the only true answer to the despair we may incline toward as we face what is. Tears and hope mingle in these pages, a gift to their readers.

Hopeful and tender, And Yet, Undaunted is for anyone whose life hasn’t turned out as planned or who yearns for something more. With remarkable candor and insight, the authors tell their own stories of loss and longing, asking the question we all secretly wonder: Is God really good? Their answer, underscored throughout the pages of this book, brought me to a new understanding of my own story and God’s redemptive power in it. I highly recommend this book!

It’s rare to find a book that encompasses gorgeous writing, authentic and hopeful storytelling, and sound biblical truth, yet Paula Rinehart and Connally Gilliam have pulled it off in their book And Yet, Undaunted. When life doesn’t live up to our expectations and our world is full of more disappointment, pain, and suffering than we ever imagined, Paula and Connally help us see the goodness of God as it breaks through the clouds both in our present life and in God’s promises for our future. If you have been longing for something more in life, pick up this book and get ready to discover what C. S. Lewis once observed: “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” My prayer is that this book will be read by thousands of men and women as it provides the grounded and joy-filled message we all need to hear.

Connally and Paula’s writing makes my heart ache—ache for the way things ought to be and ache for the way things will, one day, be—all while dignifying the longing, disappointment, and suffering wrapped up in the now. I am so grateful for these two women: for their wisdom, honesty, and call to hopeful courage. This book will faithfully point you to Jesus as you are drawn in to engage with the deep longings and questions rumbling inside your heart.

Sooner or later, and not without pain, we all come to realize that the world is not as it ought to be. We are also not as we should be. This book exposes our longings for a better world and then points us forward to the way things can and will be redeemed by Jesus Christ. Because of that, we can live realistically and joyfully—even undaunted—in this beautiful but broken world. Sharing openly about their own lives, Paula and Connally invite us to do the same and live not our best life now but our real life now.

This wise, beautiful book will undoubtedly serve as a guide and friend through the dark valleys of life, a balm and a spur to those weighed down with regret, disappointment, and unmet longing. And Yet, Undaunted shows the possibilities of finding courage and joy in your life story, by pointing at the Larger Story—what ought to be, what is, what can be, and what will be—and the ways in which Love himself unites the plot and pervades each scene.