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Hello, beautiful!
Yes, I’m talking to you—perfectly-made-you.

Now, give me a chance before you stomp on my words!

I have a message that you will want (or maybe need) to hear. I’m Jessie, and the lies of our culture have messed with me, too. Think of me as a big sis who will tackle the tough stuff with you—like beauty—when you’re not feeling even a hint of cute.

In Backwards Beauty, I want to show you exactly why you are so beautiful. And I want to do it in a completely illogical way: by giving you 10 tips on how to feel ugly. Get ready to laugh with me about the ridiculous things we do in search of “beautiful.” We might even cry together as we face the lies we have chosen to believe about our bodies. In the end, I think we’ll find that we’re gorgeous after all. We are the real deals, and we have way more to offer God and the world than just our bodies. We have a beauty not everyone understands. You might call it a backwards beauty.

Are you ready to discover it with me?

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Trim Size:
5.5 x 8.25 in.

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