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Revive your small group tonight
If you’ve ever led a small group, you know firsthand how rewarding it is to see participants grow deeper in their relationship with God and with one another. And you’ve also probably discovered (or will!) that effectively shepherding a healthy, dynamic small group toward spiritual maturity is no small task. To help you face the perennial challenges of small-group leadership, we’ve compiled 101 of the best articles on this subject from the pages of Discipleship Journal. These concise, field-tested ideas from seasoned practitioners cover a broad range of common issues faced by small-group leaders, such as
  • Finding and developing new leaders
  • Dealing with tricky interpersonal problems
  • Understanding tough passages
  • Interacting with the Scriptures in fresh, creative ways
  • Learning to pray together—and enjoying it!
  • Integrating evangelism into your small group
  • Serving others together
  • Supporting world-missions efforts as a team
In Discipleship Journal’s Best Small-Group Ideas, Volume 1 you’ll discover practical, proven, and innovative ideas to inject new passion into the life of your small group. For even more hands-on small-group tips and group-building principles, pick up a copy of Discipleship Journal’s Best Small-Group Ideas, Volume 2. Together, these two guides will give you the immediate help needed to energize your small group!

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