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Are you feeling weary? Overwhelmed by the scope of your leadership? Do you wonder where your work is taking you or what it’s all for?

You’re not alone. Every generation reaches a point of rude awakening where what is demanded of us is more than what is given us. What we’ve been prepared for isn’t what we’re facing. What we’ve been taught is the good life really isn’t.

Jerome Daley points us to ancient wisdom that long ago exposed the limits of celebrity and achievement cults: the monastic tradition. It offers not only meaning and a critique of values antithetical to a good life, but also ways of living and leading that will fill you up and dramatically increase your impact. Your leadership is meant for more; Gravitas will help you find the path.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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Gravitas is the playbook for those committed to developing spiritually and emotionally healthy cultures in their spheres of influence.

In Gravitas, Jerome has bridged the gap between spiritual leadership and business leadership. Combining ancient principles with business practices gives confidence on Monday morning to marry the two realities.

Marketplace leaders often feel that leadership success and Christlikeness pull in opposite directions. But what if leadership is the perfect setting for Christlikeness? It can be, and this book illuminates a compelling path for anyone who wants to grow deep to lead large.

In Gravitas, Jerome Daley outlines the process and practices that give a leader true weight. A must-read for anyone ready to deepen their roots and extend their reach.

Stirring yet practical, drawing on ancient yet relevant principles and practices that are transformative.

With beautifully constructed prose, a passion for leaders to become their best selves, and deeply rooted spirituality, Jerome Daley has created a guidebook that invites engagement with age-old spiritual practices, resulting in real character in the real world.

I wish I had read this book forty years ago!

At the beginning of every major spiritual shift in history, God invites men and women into the desert to develop what Jerome Daley refers to as gravitas—a spiritual authority gained mostly by enduring loss in God’s presence. If you’re ready to abandon the endless frenzy of ministry expansion and willing to embrace the quiet rootedness of spiritual substance, Gravitas will lead you there.

This in-depth, captivating book looks into the profoundness of making a mark in the world with the strength of God-sized leadership and authority—the kind of leadership that stems from concentrated time in the presence of God, enabling you to lead with the virtues and lens of Christ.

A warmly insightful invitation and guide for living and leading in the real world from a place rooted in true desire, faith, and purpose.

A profound and highly practical read. A call to become a leader of weight and depth. Gravitas is a game changer.

With refreshingly clear insight and rare vulnerability, Jerome Daley calls us to a place of spiritual centering for the fruitful and flourishing life that we leaders long for.