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Learners: lessons from women of striving and grace explores the lives of Leah, Sarah, the Samaritan woman, and nine other women of the Bible. Wherever God led them, they walked through periods of growth and even trials, and they also experienced His faithfulness and love.

Gien Karssen’s vivid sto-rytelling and deep insights about these biblical women will inspire you with courage to follow God wherever He leads you, knowing you too will experience God’s faithfulness and love. These stories will remind you of people you know—and maybe even of yourself.

Each book in the Her Name Is Woman se-ries brings to life women who are featured in the pages of the Bible. As you grapple with God’s role in each woman’s life, you will be motivated to live your own life wholeheartedly for God. Each chapter includes relevant Scripture passages and study questions that have made the Her Name Is Woman series a favor-ite guide for Bible studies and small groups.

GIEN KARSSEN is author of the Her Name Is Woman series. She was married for only six weeks when her husband was interned in a concentration camp dur-ing the Nazi Holocaust, where he died. She lived the rest of her days avidly mentoring women as part of The Navigators in Europe.

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