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Love. It’s that thing everyone talks about but very few will ever truly put into action. It’s the fuel with which we are called to live, and it’s the very reason Jesus’ body was brutally broken upon that splintered cross. It’s unbeatable, unrestricted, and hands down the greatest attribute of God. It will transform the way you see life, and it will radically invade the way you see others. The question is, have you discovered and harnessed it the way God intended?

In Love Is Oxygen, you will engage with the reality of God’s love as something you can know and personally experience. This love transcends fear and circumstances, and it pushes us into places we never imagined. After all, living God’s love is like breathing—it gives life as we breathe it in . . . and then we can’t help but breathe it out to the people around us.

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Everyone is searching for love, but many are searching in the wrong places. Pastor Jarrid Wilson has written a life-changing book, Love Is Oxygen. In this gospel-centered book, Jarrid gently and thoughtfully leads the reader on a journey to know and experience the unparalleled, unequalled, and unmatched love of God revealed through his Son. When you get to know God intimately, you will realize that love isn’t something God does; love is who God is. Read this book now.

Jarrid will help you catch your breath and discover how to inhale more hope, more healing, more Jesus in your life.

Jarrid Wilson is more than just a compelling writer; he is also a compelling human being. I know this because I am privileged to call this gifted, lovely young man my friend. In these pages, Jarrid gives us a window into his life, where we see him being transformed by the Love about which he writes. This, of course, is what makes his message credible. As you read, I trust that you will come to love God and others more deeply. You will probably also find yourself wanting to become a better person. Thank you, Jarrid, for such a beautiful and compelling book.

In Love Is Oxygen, Jarrid Wilson cuts through the noise of today and points us to what matters most—the extravagant and inexhaustible love of God. To know God’s love is the journey we are all created to be on. Encountering the depth and height of God’s love is a lifelong discovery that will continue throughout eternity. God’s love for you is so extravagant that it can be hard to comprehend, but it is so easily available for those willing to receive it. Jarrid so brilliantly articulates the revolutionary truth that Jesus is God’s gift of love to us and how that affects every area of our lives. Love Is Oxygen is a timely gift for those yearning to know the love of God and grow deeper in their understanding of the great mystery of his love for us. Not only will your life be changed, but as you give God’s love away, those around you will also be transformed.

Why is it the simplest tenets of the faith are the hardest to realize and live? I’m grateful for the unwavering truths Jarrid Wilson shares in Love Is Oxygen because they remind me of this settled fact: I am loved, and it is God who does the loving. Succinct, heartfelt, and full of real-life stories, Wilson’s book will empower Christ followers to live and breathe and move within the powerful grasp of God’s love.

When Jarrid says that “love is oxygen,” he means it, but beyond simple love, it’s the honesty he writes with that will encourage you the most. He puts it all on the page, and his refusal to clean up the messy parts, to polish the prose until his pride is protected, is what makes this book so good.

What I love about this book is how Jarrid lets you under the surface and reveals his real story. He not only shares his vulnerability but also speaks passionately of Jesus. We all need Jesus more than we realize. Love Is Oxygen brings us closer to him and helps us see Jesus more clearly.

Jarrid’s vulnerability and honesty will quickly capture the hearts of those who have ever struggled with depression or with simply being overwhelmed. The victory and overcoming principle of love will serve as refreshment for all.

Throughout this book, Jarrid’s brutal honesty inherently highlights the greatness of God’s love. His writing reminds me of Paul’s teachings on boasting only about our weaknesses.

In a world of divisiveness and negativity, Jarrid Wilson is convinced that your life can burst with kindness and grace. But it’s Wilson’s authenticity, not optimism, that makes this book sing. Wilson tears open his chest and drains his beating heart onto every page, sharing raw stories of what love looks like in real time. Do not read this book if you’re content inhaling the stale air of our pessimistic age—because one whiff of Love Is Oxygen will force you to love bigger, broader, and better than ever before.

Jarrid is a truth teller. This book is about real, messy struggles and the power of love when it’s let off the chain. The stories in these pages aren’t filled with steps for you to take. Instead, they point you toward a power greater than everything which is holding you back. It’s not a book about Jarrid, it’s a book about Jesus. Buckle up, you’re going to enjoy the ride.