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In The Faithful Way, treasured Bible-study teacher Cynthia Heald challenges believers of all ages to remain faithful to guard their hearts and be on the alert against temptation. Our goal, no matter our age, should be to follow Christ well and finish strong. The Faithful Way is a 31-day devotional study that both cautions and comforts as Cynthia leads readers through the lessons God has taught her through His character, His Word, and His saints. The Faithful Way will equip readers to face temptations, encourage them in an intentionally faithful life that brings honor to Christ, and enable them to say “I have remained faithful.”

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5 x 7 in.

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Each day of this thirty-one-day devotional will challenge you to explore the Word, learn to live faithfully, and remain faithful. Get ready for a month of motivation and encouragement! I highly recommend Cynthia Heald’s new book.

How Cynthia can be in her eighties and yet remain relatable to me in my thirties astounds me. She teaches through story and dives into the heart of Scripture in a way that provides depth and yet ease of comprehension. As a culture, we don’t honor our older generations the way we should. But as for me, I want more of what Cynthia has . . . I want to glean her great knowledge, insight, and wisdom. Why? Because she has seen Christ in a way that magnifies all.

As usual, Cynthia Heald calls me higher. She intersperses rich thoughts from her own meditation with timeless quotes from broad reading.

Cynthia Heald offers rock-solid wisdom embedded with gems of Scripture and quotes that will strengthen the foundation of your faith. The ten-minute readings are perfect for personal devotions or group discussions. No “fluff” on these pages—only timeless truths about what it looks like to live a faithful life before God—faithful words from a faithful woman who models what she has written and spoken about for decades.