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A church divided?
Emergent theology is raising some of the most provocative and divisive questions in the church today. For some, these ideas embody the true spirit of the gospel, trading tired religion for authenticity and relevance. Others dismiss it as a heresy that compromises the gospel in the name of tolerance and dilutes the truth to attract a jaded generation.

Is there any room for middle ground?

Timothy Stoner thinks so. Join him as he provides an honest response to the postmodern cry for authentic spirituality. Filled with humorous insights and challenging ideas, The God Who Smokes imagines a twenty-first-century church where hope hangs with holiness, passion sits next to purity, and compassion can relate to character.

Timothy celebrates the good within Emergent while providing a balanced and thoughtful critique. Throughout, you’ll discover not only the issues that can divide but also the burning passion that can unite us all.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.