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Let Hope Fuel Your Life.
We pin our hopes on all kinds of plans. Relationships. Careers. Money. Experiences. Some of these plans fall apart, so we move on and look for something else. Others turn out pretty well, and yet we still find ourselves disappointed. Is there any reason to keep striving?

There is good news. Your life can be fueled by hope. But not on your own . . .

God offers you hope. He cares about you, he made you, and he wants to see you thrive. That’s why God’s hope comes not in the form of an encouraging note or an inspiring picture. God’s hope arrived in the form of a person—Jesus.

In The Message of Hope, discover how Jesus offers you hope that won’t let you down. Read about his life, death, and resurrection, and hear just what they mean for you.

You have a good reason to hope. Discover the hope God has for you.

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4.125 x 6.125 in.