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Many Christians today struggle with having a consistent or life-giving quiet time. They are looking for a form of prayer that doesn’t make them feel like they’re begging God or being judged by him. The Soul at Rest is a quiet time companion that introduces “inward disciplines” from throughout Christian history to those who hunger for greater intimacy with God.

The Soul at Rest is a 40-day guided experience of prayer that puts readers in the presence of God and allows them to enter and enjoy his rest. It guides readers into a rhythm of quiet, contemplative prayer, easing them into God’s presence and demonstrating how prayer is not so much a duty as it is a gift. By the time someone finishes The Soul at Rest, they’ll not only understand prayer better; they’ll be engaging in it as a regular rhythm of life.

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For those wanting a deeper life of prayer, you’ll find Tricia a gentle, thoughtful, and trusted guide.

Are you tired of how-tos and fixer-upper spirituality guides that leave you more exhausted and in need of God than when you began? Are you soul-sick with striving, always feeling like you need to do more in your life of prayer? If so, Tricia McCary Rhodes has a gift for you. The Soul at Rest is what her words promise to form in you—a place to rest, experience, and receive God. This slim volume, full of wisdom both modern and ancient, surprises with metaphors that bring deep truths into focus and exercises that provide practical helps to prayer. I am especially appreciative of the tender and grounded way that Rhodes approaches the dark night of the soul. While so many books on prayer describe the experience of the dark night well, comparatively few provide the sort of kind, compassionate, and concrete exercises and reflections that make the dark night a navigable season of faith.

I no sooner read The Soul at Rest than I wanted to send quotes from it to people I know. This is the sign of a great book. Tricia McCary Rhodes opens doors and windows so God’s reality can shine into our lives like the views from a mountain cabin. Spending much of my life helping people to hear God led me to discover that most of us are too tired to hear well.The Soul at Rest invites us to begin to understand God’s love with a nap in his lap and forty days that have been prepared like a vacation bed-and-breakfast.

Well-informed and grace-sustained spiritual practices play an essential role in becoming more like Jesus Christ. In The Soul at Rest, Tricia McCary Rhodes offers fresh insights into what you can do to partner with the Holy Spirit in a life-changing experience that will facilitate your growth in Christ and promote a quality of life you scarcely imagined possible.

If you are in search of a spacious sanctuary for your soul amid a crowded, noisy, distracted life, take this forty-day prayer journey and recalibrate the inner chambers of your heart. Here, you will find true rest for your thirsty soul and a deeper, more reflective life of prayerful, interactive friendship with the living God.

In The Soul at Rest, Tricia McCary Rhodes writes with wonder and tenderness of the God who eagerly desires to love us. Her book is a warm invitation, at once deeply spiritual and practically helpful. The Soul at Rest flows out of the richness of Rhodes’s own prayer life and gives us tools we need to know God’s intimate love. I will spend years reading this book.