Updates to the DiscipleMaker

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As you’ll notice, we’ve made some changes to the website! We’re excited to provide more content that you can download and use personally or with others. These downloads are available in our Resources section. Also in that section is a giveaway we will run each month! It’s a free way you can enter to win new books from Navpress. Check out the May giveaway!

We’ve also updated our article categories to Know, Grow, and Go. These replace our previous categories of Discipleship, Personal Growth, The Latest, and Ministry. The new categories align with where you are in your personal walk with the Lord and discipleship. Each page offers a free download of a helpful tool for discipleship.
KNOW– You are a new believer and learning what it means to be a disciple.
GROW– You want to dig deeper into content that will challenge and encourage you to grow in your discipleship journey.
GO– You know that Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples! We’re here to help you get equipped.
We hope you enjoy the updates and all the content available on the DiscipleMaker!

6 thoughts on “Updates to the DiscipleMaker”

  1. This is a follow-up to an inquiry I sent to Navigators last week.
    In the past I purchased a CD-ROM containing issues 1-120 of The Discipleship Journal. I can no longer access this material. I contacted the phone number on the disc and was told that they no longer support my software and wanted $80 to update me. I was a missionary and LOVED DJ. I am now 70 y.o. and retired. I don’t have extra money to pay for this upgrade…especially to gain access to something I already purchased. Help!! Also, how can I obtain the Index of articles in DJ?

    • Hi Laurie, glad that you’re a fan of Discipleship Journal! We don’t have the DJ articles in magazine form any more. But we do post them regularly here on this site.

  2. Dear Disciplemaker Team,
    I am interested in this Disciplemaker curriculum. How do I get it? If I have questions who can I contact? Having trouble with download is their a contact for that?
    Med Barr
    Pastor Compelled Church


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