Encouragement As You Wait

arms resting on railing

I completely love the GPS apps on my phone. My mind serves me in a lot of ways, but wayfinding is not one of my strengths. Insert: All the driving apps. I’ll admit, but I won’t apologize: I’m spoiled by …

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Practicing Embodied Faith

Woman sitting near a lake at sunset

The negative and life-diminishing ways we manage our brokenness and uncomfortable emotions are physical—things we do with our bodies in hopes of making our minds and hearts feel better. We can tell that these coping practices are unhealthy because they …

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Where Shame Starts

Little girl covering face with hands

Our first and most important battleground against shame? Childhood. Shame is transmitted primarily through shame-based family systems. If our child hearts receive the parental love we’re created for, we flourish—and begin to be drawn to an even Greater Love that …

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Our God Knows Our Pain

man sitting on window sill

The vision of a God who has himself suffered testifies to his mysterious but good character. God’s suffering is part of the answer to that deeper, emotional struggle with evil. God does not give us all the answers. He cannot. …

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