Iron Sharpens Iron Man

Iron Man gets better not just by battling enemies but also his friends. Take his conflicts with Steve Rogers for example. Tony and Steve are two strong-headed men with very different philosophies on life. Early in their relationship, Steve thinks …

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A Trustworthy Friend

Cynthia Heald holding baby

Cynthia Heald was a name I felt like I’d always known—the Bible study teacher so many around me respected as I was growing up. But I didn’t know much about Cynthia Heald the person until I began working at NavPress. …

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Improving on the Silence

There was this time, after a big move that took me far from everyone and everything that had normalized my life to that point, that I was feeling pretty desperate for some kind of connection. So I went to a …

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Feasting to Remember

wine and meal

One of the oldest traditions in my family is our annual “shepherd’s meal,” celebrated on Christmas Eve. Like the shepherds in the fields might have enjoyed on the night of Christ’s birth, we share in a simple spread of modest, …

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A Woman Whose God Is Enough

Cynthia Heald is a woman for whom I hold the greatest respect. For decades her Bible studies challenged me to draw nearer to God. Becoming a Woman of Excellence introduced me to Cynthia, Intimacy with God caused me to love …

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Wide Open Spaces


Our most recent NavPress catalog is very pretty. Most catalogs can’t say that about themselves and ours is no different because it is, as it happens, an inanimate object. But I say it without embarrassment. NavPress has a pretty, pretty …

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