Infectious Transmissions from a Broken World


Some infectious diseases are especially virulent, resistant to the best treatments we have available. Being a new strain, we are still learning about the behavior, mutations, and transmission of the novel Coronavirus. Fortunately, we have highly-skilled epidemiologists working hard to

Quarantine Soul Care: The Need of the Hour

Let me tell you what I believe the need of the hour is. Maybe I should call it the answer to the need of the hour. I believe it is an army of soldiers, dedicated to Jesus Christ, who believes not only that He is God but that He can fulfill every promise He has ever made and that there isn’t anything too hard for Him. It is the…

Quarantine Soul Care: Knowing God Is Enough

In the heat and pressure of daily living, it’s easy to forget that God is present with us and to slide into self-referenced thinking in which we are consumed with what we want and how (stressed) we feel. Our minds flash from one thing to another as…

Quarantine Soul Care: Grace and Training

Grace is a lovely word; it promises kindness, favor, and goodwill. The word discipline, though, carries the connotation of training, strictness, and correction. Although these words seem unlikely companions…

Quarantine Soul Care: Your Time is Coming

When God went his Son to be born into the world, four hundred years had passed since the people had heard a word from the Lord. It’s difficult for me to wrap my mind around that much time, that much waiting. Not only…

Quarantine Soul Care: Substituting Prayer for Worry

Green sprout

Paul commands us to have nothing to do with anxiety and everything to do with prayer. Sadly, many of us reverse this and worry about everything, praying only as a last resort! It’s easier to worry, fret, get heartburn, lose sleep..

Quarantine Soul Care: To Be Human Is to Pray

Photo of the northern lights

Our English word prayer derives from the Latin precarious. We pray because life is precarious. We pray because life is marvelous. We pray because we find ourselves at a loss for many things, but not for the simplest words like…