Quarantine Soul Care: The Father is Always

Answers. Understanding. Insight. How we long for those! We want so desperately to know what is happening to us and what will become of us. When the days are dark and we feel overwhelmed by pain or sorrow or confusion, we beg for answers. We believe that…

Quarantine Soul Care: Fear with the Scary Element Deleted

We’re afraid when we’re suddenly caught off our guard and don’t know what to do. We’re afraid when our presuppositions and assumptions no longer account for what we’re up against, and we don’t know what will happen to us. We’re afraid when reality, without warning, is shown to be either more or other than we thought it was…

Quarantine Soul Care: A New Series

This is the first in an ongoing series during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. To engage further in the #QuarantineSoulCare series, click here.
No one gets into Christian publishing for the money. We’re in it for the love.
And it’s out of that multifaceted love that we wanted to open the vast and rich archives of NavPress publications to find words of encouragement to share with you over the next several weeks. Consider us a source for your #quarantinesoulcare.

The Message of Christmas

The story of Jesus’ birth has an immense progeny. Our planet fairly teems with stories and songs, paintings and drama that got their start from this story. The reproductive energies show no sign of tapering off. Writers and singers and …

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Focus in a Fragmented World

Pastors often live fragmented and cluttered lives. Everyone has an agenda for them—so many needs, so many opportunities, so many meetings, so many telephone calls, so many demands pulling them in so many different ways. Paul was familiar with the …

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