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Juni Felix

Juni Felix

Juni Felix is a member of New York Times bestselling author Dr. B. J. Fogg's Stanford Behavior Design Lab Teaching Team, a C. S. Lewis Institute Fellow, an international radio drama scriptwriter, and a radio host. As a Tiny Habits Coach who has long used the method to help others transform their lives and relationships with God, Juni has gone on to be a leader in the church, and an encourager to people around the world through her speaking, broadcasting, and podcasting ministries.

Highly awarded for volunteer and community service, Juni is a technologist who specializes in Behavior Design, assisting innovators from varied industries to create collaborative teams and community-minded products, systems, and services to make the world a better place. As a presenting author at the 2018 Persuasive Technology Conference, she shared ideas for the caring, feeling, and understanding cities of the future.

Juni loves to travel the world collecting stories of hope and enjoys hiking and playing hours of video games. Her family motto is "Always Pray—Always Play—and Never Give Up!" You can follow her ongoing global adventures at

Juni Felix shares how to move from trauma to faith.