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Engaging Our Anger Well

Most of us are angry at something. We are angry at our parents for what we didn’t receive as a child; we are angry at what we are not receiving from our partners as adults (or maybe we are angry that we don’t have partners at all); we are angry at our boss, our children,

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Four Ways to Live the Christian Life

There are basically four ways to live the Christian life. WAY #1 The first way is to attempt to do it entirely on our own, by our own effort and willpower. This way is doomed to failure. Jesus stated very plainly, “Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). If we attempt such a solo effort,

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Bold and Biblical Fundraising

By Scott Morton, author of Funding Your Ministry Afraid to fundraise? You’re not alone. In teaching Biblical fundraising around the world, I find that the obstacle of fear ranks first in every culture, in every organization. Here is a surprising story about how God used Funding Your Ministry in the life of a fearful missionary and

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Live As Fully As Possible

Exile is traumatic and terrifying. Our sense of who we are is very much determined by the place we’re in and the people we’re with. When those things change violently and abruptly, we wonder who we are. The accustomed ways we have of finding our worth and sensing our significance vanish. When the first wave

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Sexual Brokenness: Stop Setting Yourself Up to Fail

By Jay Stringer, (MDiv, MACP, LMHC) a mental health researcher, ordained minister, and author of Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing. Lust-Centered Approaches Are Ineffective The overwhelmingly standard evangelical response to sexual brokenness has been to address it through the lens of “lust management,” even declaring war against it. This approach has

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