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Staying Invisible is Not an Option

Pain resonates deeply. Any movement that successfully reduces suffering becomes immediately relevant. With the behaviors of men at the center of so much suffering, a movement of men who are dangerous with goodness is both the sign of the Kingdom and the answer to injustice. More importantly, the movement becomes extremely relevant to all people—especially people who

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Choosing Jesus as Your Teacher

Mary Magdalene woke up early Sunday morning and made her way to the tomb. Finding it empty, she asked the angels what they had done with Jesus. Turning around with tears in her eyes, she mistook Jesus for the gardener, but as soon as he called her by name, she recognized him. Then she exclaimed,

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Not a Minute to Waste

Mark wastes no time in getting down to business—a single-sentence introduction, and not a digression to be found from beginning to end. An event has taken place that radically changes the way we look at and experience the world, and he can’t wait to tell us about it. There’s an air of breathless excitement in

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God’s Intention Is to Get to Everyone

The Christian gospel is expansive by nature—it spreads out. It’s what you would expect: The God who created a vast universe acts in such a way that his redemptive help will reach into every nook and cranny of creation. A God who can create with such endless variety and intricacy is going to redeem in

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The Salvation Symphony

For Isaiah, words are watercolors and melodies and chisels to make truth and beauty and goodness. Or, as the case may be, hammers and swords and scalpels to unmake sin and guilt and rebellion. Isaiah does not merely convey information. He creates visions, delivers revelations, arouses belief. He is a poet in the most fundamental

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