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How to Help a Friend Who is Hurting

When your friend suffers there’s a lot you can do to help, even if you think you don’t know what to say. Life has rough edges that cut deeply. The fabric of human existence is riddled with the dark stain of suffering. Life can be brutally unfair. We all know that. More than anything else we need

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“Religion” According to the Bible

Oddly enough, there is no Hebrew word in the Old Testament text that corresponds exactly to our word, religion. Of course, there are a number of other words and concepts that certainly illustrate what we mean. Those words, especially within the books detailing the Mosaic law, are used over and over. Typically, they are translated

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5 Lessons on the Art of Saying Goodbye

I remember towards the end of a semester long study abroad trip in college when I read the beginning of John 13. Not the well-read section on Jesus washing the disciples’ feet but the very first verse that introduces why Jesus washes their feet. “Now before the Feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that

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The Exciting Journey of Putting Your Life in Christ

You Are a Citizen The apostle Paul talked about this new journey of faith as life in a new country or kingdom. This word picture helps us see who we are in light of both Christ (the King of the Kingdom) and our fellow travelers. During His ministry, Christ talked a great deal about the

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Let the Light Back In

It’s difficult to comprehend how truly tragic the circumstances are, and yet I am hopeful. There is light peering through this darkness; the darkness that impotently attempts to snuff it out. It shall not succeed. HELLO, MY FRIEND. I see you. I see the pain you’re in. I know that darkness. We all find ourselves in

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