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Enter the Ring takes a fresh, powerful, vulnerable approach to marriage by framing it as the fight that it is. The world uses different assaults and tactics to distract us, tempting us to walk away, in order to destroy our marriages. But there is hope: The constant forgiveness, grace, and intervention of God can preserve and protect us from not only the world but also ourselves.

D. A. and Elicia Horton explore the tension of two people becoming one and how spouses often fight over which “one of us” they become. They unpack topics such as
  • Seasons of suffering
  • Communication
  • Sexual and physical intimacy
  • The spiritual life of the home
  • Money
This book approaches the traditional topics of a marriage book with the brutal and life-giving honesty of two millennials who have fought together for their marriage. All topics are addressed through the vulnerable lens of the authors’ own struggles and mistakes.

This is a no-holds-barred, real-world . . . marriage book.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

Exclusive Preview

Enter the Ring is everything I’ve come to expect from D. A. and Elicia Horton—gritty, creative, hard hitting, gospel centered, powerful, and life changing. This is a seriously great book—you’ll laugh sometimes and feel like you got punched in the gut at other times (and in this book there’s usually only seconds between the two, so when you’re chuckling to yourself, watch out). In all of it, you’ll find yourself looking upward to Jesus with amazement to find the hope and grace in your relationships that D. A. and Elicia have found in theirs.

Enter the Ring is an unveiling of the deep struggles involved in making a marriage work. In true millennial fashion, D. A. and Elicia Horton open up their lives before us so we can have front-row seats in seeing God work. This book will challenge readers from all generations to pursue gospel-saturated lifestyles that serve as an apologetic for our faith.

Enter the Ring is a book that considers the nuances of being unapologetically Christian, married, and urban. It’s both refreshing and reassuring to see the raw realness of marriage expressed in these pages. The Hortons’ vulnerability and practicability in their approach to marriage is a needed voice in the genre.

Reading Enter the Ring makes you feel as though you’re sitting in the Hortons’ living room on their couch while they’re talking to you about marriage. This book is relatable, transparent, and deeply convicting—and all the while it points you back to the One who is able to heal even the deepest of marital hurts. The Hortons remind us that while marriage can be difficult, the Redeemer is still able to make beauty from ashes.

Enter the Ring is a gospel-saturated, practical, informational, and inspirational book on marriage. I love D. A. and Elicia’s transparency about their personal struggles for oneness and for defining oneness biblically and relationally. The IDEAL acronym they define is great for handling conflict in a loving and healthy way, and hearing from both of them is helpful. From communication to sexual intimacy, this book covers the whole gamut of what marriage is, what it does, and the goal God has in bringing two people together. This is a great book no matter where you are on your marriage journey. I highly recommended this book for couples and for churches desiring to equip their couples for lasting marriages.

Just yesterday I received a request to pray for a marriage. After praying for this couple, I thought of Enter the Ring. D. A. and Elicia are writing to save marriages, and we need to save marriages now more than ever before. Practical and gospel based, this book is a godsend. As D. A. and Elicia write, “We can choose to fight for our marriages. And with God’s help, we can win.

This is not your Leave It to Beaver, “high school sweethearts fall in love and live happily ever after” kind of marriage book. It’s more like a “How in the world did these two end up getting married and staying together?” kind of marriage book. It’s the kind of book that’s needed in a self- absorbed, sex-crazed, anti-commitment world filled with brokenhearted singles and disillusioned young marrieds. With down-to-earth, street-level, blunt honesty, D. A. and Elicia Horton speak out of their own relational struggles and into the lives of anyone willing to listen regarding how to Enter the Ring and fight together for a gospel-saturated marriage. Take up and read this book in your single years, in premarital counseling, and in your first years of marriage. Watch as D. A. and Elicia demonstrate how the gospel is worked out in marriage. Let them walk you through the practical ways of fighting together, rather than against each other, in various potential areas of conflict facing couples today.