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Living Wisely contains a lifetime of tested insight and guidance from mentor, Bible-study writer, and best-selling author Cynthia Heald. Cynthia shares foundational biblical truths that will help you live a wise life and discern godly choices to make at every crossroads. Living Wisely points you toward the truths of Scripture so you can live well in the midst of a world that doesn’t understand true wisdom. The book includes compelling stories from Cynthia’s life, the lives of other women, and Scripture that inspire women to follow Christ’s transformative way, no matter what.

Includes Bible study questions that lead women into a deeper relationship with Christ.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

Exclusive Preview

Cynthia Heald has long been a trusted author of Bible studies, books, and devotionals designed to help women know and follow Jesus. In Living Wisely, she encourages women to experience blessed, fruitful lives through embracing the timeless wisdom of his Word. Women in every season will find this book helpful, but I am especially hopeful that younger women will take advantage of the opportunity to learn these vital truths from a wise, older woman. They will thank me one day, when they are “older women” themselves!

In Living Wisely, Cynthia shows how God and his Word not only speak to but can deeply transform us as we face the impending realities of life. This book is for every person who wants to live a life of freedom and deep peace as they walk through any possible occurrence in life. Living Wisely is a book every disciple should embrace as well as pass on to those they are helping grow.

Cynthia Heald encourages us to travel the narrow road with Christ and shows us how to “hold on to his hand when the way [is] dark.” In her keen exploration of biblical truths, we learn that a life freed of self and abandoned to God is the true pathway to abundant life.

Cynthia’s Bible studies and writing have shaped my life for years. In Living Wisely, she again combines the stories of real people in real-life challenges with life-changing, true, and real words of wisdom from the Scriptures. This study invites us to new places of surrender and trust in our unchangeable and good God. Cynthia masterfully points us to the real source of love and life! As she emphasizes on every page, remember—“keep your hand in his.”

Cynthia is a gentle guide, showing us how to walk the “narrow way” with her wisdom, experience, and grace. She has learned from the Master how to walk in true freedom, and I’m grateful for her heart to lead us to his feet.

I love this book. Its fragrance is captivating, and it drew me in to the truths shared throughout these pages. Cynthia validates the relevance and veracity of God’s truth by telling her story and the stories of others and by punctuating each with biblical truth. In our present culture, where there are no absolutes and no road map, Living Wisely shows us that his absolute truth is the only map we need to navigate through to real life. Living Wisely is timeless and has a message of wisdom and guidance for all generations. Not only will I be sharing Cynthia’s book with many others, it is a keeper and will be taken from my own bookshelf many times as I seek guidance and wisdom.