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Emotions are confusing, frustrating, and scary, but they don’t have to be.
Everyone experiences emotions—some easy, some difficult. Dealing with them should be common sense, and yet it isn’t. Even though emotions are not uncommon to the human experience, we lack the language to fully understand and express them. This failure to understand can often lead to frustration and broken relationships.

In The Path to Wholeness, Dr. Mark Mayfield teaches readers how to slow down and explore the way our emotions develop. He examines the toll unexpressed emotions take on an individual and highlights the importance of paying attention to them. Start your journey to emotional wholeness and be transformed.

This book will challenge you to
  • look inward at your own experience and your own history;
  • reflect on how these things have shaped, informed, and influenced you, your family, and your relationships;
  • dissect your current understanding of emotions, your emotional vocabulary, and your emotional responses; and
  • follow practical and actionable steps to rethink and rework how you see and experience emotions.

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