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This book is about discovering together how to understand and live the Greatest Commandment. We’re not after the “art of thinking about God a little differently.” We’re here to uncover the needs God created within us—needs for meaning, intimacy, honesty, humility, justice, compassion, and more—and how he designed us to find those needs fulfilled in him.

This is the art of living Jesus’ spirituality.

God gives us the key in the Greatest Commandment, but we’ve got to do this stuff in the right order. Imagine I invite you to my sweet cabin by the lake. To start hanging out in that cabin, you need to get the key from me, pack your car, follow the GPS, and so on. There’s a natural order to it. It’s the same with the Greatest Commandment.

We begin upward, with loving God. The God. God of the Old Testament, God of the New Testament. God the Trinity—Father, Son, Holy Spirit. We continue inward, with understanding our true identities in Jesus. And when we get those things right, God’s Spirit sends us outward, on mission into the world.

These three movements—upward, inward, and outward—mirror the Greatest Commandment and help us learn the art of living harmoniously together in a chaotic world.

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One of the brutally hard lessons I had to learn as a young pastor was this: For Americans aged forty and under, the spiritual disciplines are pretty much gone. And in the digital age—when multinational corporations such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are spending billions of dollars to make distraction and addiction the new normal—we desperately need to reawaken these ancient practices. After all, the way of Jesus is just that—a way of life. I’m thrilled to see Daniel, my fellow Pacific Northwest pastor, writing about these very practices. I deeply believe they are key to the future of the church.

A life committed to loving God, loving self, and loving others—upward, inward, outward—is an art. Daniel Fusco is a winsome and pastoral guide on this journey, which will leave you “insanely hopeful.”

I always appreciate the unique way in which Daniel nuances the basic truth about life. He tackles difficult issues with grace and simplicity and helps us all look more intently at Jesus.

Author, pastor, and musician Daniel Fusco writes like the jazz musician he is—and you can’t help but be drawn into the dynamic rhythm and sway of his words about life with the King of kings. Fusco takes you on an energetic and fun journey through the greatest commandment, inviting you to connect intimately with God and with others and encouraging all of us to lead lives of passion and legacy—all to the glory of our creative and wonderful Jesus.

Ever since I first met Daniel, I have been blessed by his commitment to Scripture, his passion for the lost, and his dedication to the church. He is a gifted teacher, an engaging communicator, and a humble follower of Jesus who wants nothing more than to see others thrive in their own walks with God. I’m excited to see how God uses this book to inspire, challenge, and motivate others to live into their fullest potential in Christ.

This is a grace-filled, gospel-focused, joy-inducing book that will deepen your walk with Jesus. I’m grateful for Daniel’s work and inspiring passion.

In his newest book, Upward, Inward, Outward, Daniel Fusco takes us beyond the theory of loving God and others and into the practical reality of what it means to do so daily. I encourage you to let him guide you through three of the most important things we’re called to do: love God, love ourselves, and love others. You’ll be glad you did.

With the same finesse, expertise, and splash of funk he famously exhibits on the bass guitar, Pastor Daniel Fusco has composed a virtual discipleship jam session in Upward, Inward, Outward. It’s simple, rich, and foundational—not unlike the gospel it explains.

This book is important. It’s beautifully written because Daniel writes about what’s important to Jesus—love. As you read this book, you will become more loving toward God, yourself, and others.

Our identity drives our activity, and when we know who God is and who he says we are, it changes everything. In this book Pastor Daniel Fusco does a phenomenal job helping us learn the art of loving God, loving ourselves, and loving people through different lenses such as worship, fasting, and community.