God’s Word: Closer than Your Smartphone

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Memorizing Scripture is seen as a bit old fashioned now that believers have smartphones that can load any Bible Verse from any translation with a swipe of a finger.  But, the challenge for disciplemakers is helping them to see that having the Bible at one’s fingertips is different than having it on our minds and in our hearts.  Yet, so many struggle with noisy thoughts or ‘stinkin’ thinking”.
Sticky Thought Analogy – Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head and didn’t know why? Often a single word or phrase is all it takes. From there, the song just seems to spring forth. That same thing can happen when the cadences of Scripture are running through your head.
Mental Toolbox Analogy – Your mind uses the tools it has available. As a child, it’s the vocabulary you acquire—gaining new words for objects and experiences. As we grow older, we use stories and metaphors to make sense of our lives. And with age, we have the opportunity to choose what tools we add to our mental toolbox—God’s Word is one of them.
When we memorize Scripture, we make it available at any time, not just at the swipe of a smartphone. God’s words can be on our minds and in our hearts when we wake and when we lie down, when we go for a run and when we stand in the shower. Scripture can permeate our thoughts at times when smartphones can’t. If we choose to memorize them, God’s words can accompany us as we walk down the street, and our thoughts can meditate on them as we drive down the highway—all while keeping our eyes up.
Thinking biblically means having God’s Living Word working in us and through us. When we memorize Scripture, we invite God to speak into our hearts in times of both joy and sorrow, excitement and struggle. God’s Word goes to work, humbling us and encouraging us, and straightening us out when we get crooked.
But memorizing Scripture also becomes a blessing to others. When God’s Word is in us, God can encourage others through us. When we find ourselves talking with friends and neighbors, God’s Word is readily available, not at hand, but at heart. Not in our pockets, but on our lips. We can speak God’s words readily and with love, not while fiddling with a smartphone. Scripture has the potential to become a part of our everyday conversations, making us a blessing to others.
Figuring out how to memorize Scripture is where most people give up. That’s why The Navigators® incorporated it in its study for new believers, Growing in Christ and created an entire Topical Memory System. Each is designed to immerse us in Scripture by studying each memory verse. As someone begins to commit a verse to scripture, they’ll wrestle with the meaning, as it penetrates the innermost places of their soul, dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow.  They emerge being not only being able to quote the verse, but also knowing the verse’s context.
If you are mentoring someone who is seeking a meaningful way to memorize Scripture, take a look at the Topical Memory System.   If you have someone who is new to the Bible or new in their faith, start them off with the healthy spiritual habits in the  Growing in Christ with lessons and corresponding scriptures on assurance of salvation and foundational insights on Christian Living.
Smartphone Analogy: People spend thousands of dollars on Smartphones, bills, apps each year, so they have relevant information at their fingertips.  Memorizing God’s Word is allows them to have His Supreme Wisdom and Living Truths readily available in their heart and mind. That’s a secure investment. It can’t be lost, waterlogged, or smashed. It won’t grow old or become outdated. And unlike your smartphone, it will never be obsolete. But most important, it helps you take your thoughts captive and helps you abide in God’s peace.

6 thoughts on “God’s Word: Closer than Your Smartphone”

  1. I have just purchased a Moto E Motorola Smartphone, and I am interested in your PRAY & MINISTRY topics–in order to help me,
    when preaching and Bible Study Sessions.
    Please keep me posted on these TWO areas.
    Thanks very much.

    • Sounds wonderful! We will send monthly updates on all these areas. Meantime, it may help to sign up on the sign up on the home page and to bookmark this page.

  2. I myself have experienced and compare memorizing Scripture to switching from dial-up (read slow) connection to Internet to a broadband (fast) connection. Having Bible passages memorized allows the Spirit to remind those to me in no-time, when necessary either for myself, or for people around.

  3. I memorized a lot of Scripture after I became a Christian and college. But have not memorized hardly any scripture for 40 years. Started up again this last spring and I’m amazed at how many verses I remembered from 40 years ago.

  4. I adore this article on scripture memorization! Thank you.
    I have shared this article on FB. I have been a Christian disciple for many years – trained with Navigator materials 33 years ago. We memorized scripture. I can honestly say, those verses (and many more) are still hidden in my heart. I find they pop out of my mouth in many conversations. Matthew 12:34b – “For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

  5. Dear Sir,
    i love to memorized bible scripture because it help me on preaching at pulpit in church . The verse just appeal in front of you . and some God just draw the verse to me instantly. I am a disciple of Christ in Canada ,Halifax Nav student ministry under scott stimson n Andy .1983.
    i am Malaysian Nav disciple under David Bok


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