Seven Ways People Misuse or Block God’s Promises in Bible

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Have you been guilty of anything of this list?

  1. Prosperity Theology – Use God’s promises to claim it is God’s will for all believers to be materially prosperous, successful and healthy.
  2. Putting God to the Test – Demanding something from God and not submitting to His Sovereign will or authority or right to rule our life.
  3. Pleading for fleshly desires – seeking something that we think is good for us, but God knows would be a detriment.
  4. Proof Texting – Taking Bible promises out of context and using them to support wild imagination.
  5. Unbelief will stop us from asking or pleading the promises in prayer.
  6. Lack of patience or perseverance when answers seem long in coming.
  7. Misclaiming the Promise from not interpreting the scriptures accurately or discerning God’s will for us accurately.

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