10 Mission Trips to Make In Your Neighborhood

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You’re not a second-class Christian if you never cross an ocean or leave your town for a mission trip. In fact, the most formidable “mission trips” I ever participated in were the closest to home. Throughout our daily conversations, meals, activities, and play, every moment is an opportunity to embody Jesus to those around us.
Here are 10 ways you can be a missionary right where you are. May this list inspire and not limit you.

  1. In the coffee shop
  2. On the bleachers at your kids’ sports games
  3. During an awkward conversation with a coworker
  4. On your driveway talking to your neighbor
  5. At your desk when you decide to look up from answering e-mails
  6. At the water cooler
  7. Waiting for your turn at the deli counter
  8. Making that casual meal (that you keep talking about) with neighbors happen
  9. Delivering food or offering childcare to a struggling family
  10. Setting a time to meet with a friend who is curious about Jesus

Do any of these ideas convict you? Don’t let it stop here. Try making your own list, and act on one of your points today.
By Alan Briggs, author of Staying Is the New Going

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