Every church has a personality. What’s yours?

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For a fun activity, we personified four of the eight church archetypes (or personalities) so that you could identify your church and then learn more about that personality. Beyond curiosity, we hope that churches grow spiritually stronger because of the message uncovered from the 2,000 churches and 500,000 congregants who have been surveyed by REVEAL.
Here is a snapshot of the church archetypes, along with the percent of churches surveyed that fit into the archetype, and a brief description.

  1. Troubled (14%)—People are spiritually immature and unhappy with the church and its senior pastor.
  2. Complacent (17%)—Faith is surprisingly underdeveloped, given that attenders are longtime churchgoers.
  3. Extroverted (9%)—Faith is underdeveloped, but community service is embraced.
  4. Average (13%)—No spiritual measures deviate from the norm.
  5. Introverted (17%)—Faith is strong, but faith-based behaviors are lacking.
  6. Self-motivated (10%)—Faith is strong across the board, yet people are unenthused about the church.
  7. Energized (12%)—Faith is somewhat underdeveloped but growing, and people love the church.
  8. Vibrant (8%)—Faith is strong and mature but still growing, and people love the church.

Do any of these words conjure images of your church? Click here to learn more about four of the eight archetypes, and see what to do if one matches your church.

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