Five Steps to Praying God’s Promises

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Strongholds of unbelief choke believers’ faith. Tom Yeakley, US field director of The Navigators®, has been used by the Lord for years to help renew a passionate faith in God’s promises. He suggests a five step pattern for praying over a promise from God in his book, Praying Over God’s Promises.

  1. Humble Attitude – Humble, yet Expectant.  We reverently approach God’s throne with boldness.
  2. Confessing Sins that the Holy Spirit brings to mind.
  3. Pleading through the details of the situation and our concerns.
  4. Ascribe to God His Character Qualities – asking him to remain true to himself and to build these into our lives during this time of testing.
  5. Pray the promise with a specific request, yet yielding to the Lord the right to answer in His way and in His time.  He alone can see all things; He knows what circumstances and timing are best for us.

“Are you currently facing a trial of faith that is an opportunity to trust God and His promises?  Practice praying over a promise that relates to your current situation.  Come before your Father humbly and confidently.  Pray Psalm 139:23-24 and confess any sins the Spirit help you see.  Lay out the details of your situation before God.  Also, memorize the verses you are claiming in prayer so you can pray them over and over as you wait for God’s answer and timing.

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