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As Christians, we believe that Jesus has invited us into a new kind of life with him—one that is full, free, and for others. And yet many of us don’t actually experience this promised life. We continue to act out of fear, withhold grace, refuse forgiveness, drown in worry, return to old habits, tolerate distraction, and harbor a desire to be right. While inspirational stories abound in our world and fill the devotional books on our shelves and apps on our phones, inspiration does not equal transformation. Transformation only happens when we open ourselves in God’s presence and align with His work in us and the world. But many of us just don’t know how to do this or where to begin. This book provides a way.

Sacred Questions invites readers into a daily personal practice of reading Scripture and responding to questions arising from the text about God, themselves, and others. Guiding readers over a yearlong journey into an open posture and daily heart examination and reflection, the book helps them see themselves more clearly, understand more about who God is, break patterns of sin, and grow in forgiveness and love. One day at a time, readers learn how to partner with God in their transformation into Christlikeness and live the full, free, and others-centered life Jesus offers.

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God designed Scripture to speak to us, to speak to you and to me, to speak to each of us—daily and deeply. We often don’t hear from God daily or deeply because we are afraid to listen to the sacred questions God’s Word provokes in us as we read. Instead of listening to those sacred questions, we too easily skirt and suppress and slide away from the deep questions the Bible provokes. But Kellye Fabian designs this book with pastoral sensitivity and theological depth to permit those questions, then to listen to those questions, and finally to seek answers by listening to what God is saying in his ever-new-and-fresh Word. Sacred Questions is designed to promote sacred faith seeking sacred understanding.

Kellye has been a friend for years, and I’ve had the privilege of being guided by both her questions and her prayers many times in those years. Kellye’s intelligence and depth and creativity shine through every page, and I’m so delighted that her gentle and wise questions and prayers have now been captured in a format that will allow so many people to experience their transformative power.

A significant crisis in contemporary Christianity is our difficulty relating Scripture to life. What we lack isn’t information but integration. Kellye Fabian knows the power of good questions. They invite honesty, wonder, and a loving response to what is most real. If you have the courage to ask the questions in this book, it will change your life.

Kellye’s love of the Bible and spiritual disciplines shines bright everywhere she goes—including here!

Each morning for the past four years, Kellye Fabian’s devotions have been feeding my soul, reminding me how to slow down, guiding me into prayer with the Father, and helping me walk deeply with Jesus and receive all that the Holy Spirit has for me. When you dive into Sacred Questions, come expecting to be pastored and empowered, guided and equipped through the use of Scripture, story, prayer, and reflection on how to live your one and only life in response to our great God.

When a smart woman chases after the Lord, a book like this is born. Kellye ushers us right into the throne room, with grace and humble confidence. This book is a lifetime companion.

Sacred Questions is unique in the “devotional” space. Where many devotionals leave you pondering the words of the author, Sacred Questions leaves you pondering God’s Word—and God himself. Kellye Fabian is a masterful guide who takes you into God’s presence, then gracefully removes herself and leaves you alone with your Father.

I’ve always been drawn to reflective people who ask probing questions, which is why I fell in love with Sacred Questions immediately. Kellye Fabian is a seasoned and trusted guide for anyone who wants to enter a holy dialogue with God that will transform them from the inside out.

The questions we ask define our future. Like large doors swinging on small hinges, the questions we ask unlock new journeys, holy conviction, and unexpected destiny. Kellye Fabian has a unique gift with the most perceptive and illuminating questions. In her book Sacred Questions, Kellye will gently guide you on a journey that will inevitably lead you to new doors of discovery.