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Would you believe that 86 percent of LGBT people—from the proud marcher at the Pride Parade to the quiet, closeted teen—spent their childhood in church? More than half of them left those religious commu-nities as adults; three out of four would be happy to come back.

For decades now we have found our-selves caught up in a culture war: us versus them. Good news: there is no them. Our culture war has been a civil war: Us versus Us. And there is a path toward meaningful peace.

Andrew Marin brings the startling findings of his largest-ever scientific survey of the religious history, practices, and beliefs of the LGBT community. Marin’s findings offer clear direction for both sides of a long cultural battle to meet in the middle, sacrificing neither conviction nor integrity as they rediscover the things they have in common and the hope found in Christ alone.

Original, groundbreaking research into the religious lives and beliefs of the LGBT community.

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Marin’s prayer is that this book will help all people approach the LGBT-faith conversation with more intelligence and respect. He compiled a detailed academic research study in the hope that parents, gay Christians, clergy, and religious laypeople may be motivated to start that conversation.

Through surveys, illustrations, and multiple personal testimonies, he shares his surprising findings. For example: 86 percent of LGBT people spent their childhood in church and more than half would be happy to go back. And 96 percent of the participants in the study have prayed at least once in their life that God would make them straight.

Us Versus Us has to do with how we relate to one another. It is an encouragement to work together to provide an environment in which it is normal to demonstrate love, even in disagreement.

No conversation in the church is more explosive than the sexuality debate, and no voice in this conversation is more effective than Andrew Marin’s. . . . A page-turning collision of stats and stories with the power to revolutionize the modern sexuality debate.

This bighearted, richly textured book will shatter stereotypes and help us all think better. And love better too.