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Do you long for depth and authenticity in your relationship with God? Do you want purpose and daily direction but can’t seem to find the right prayer to receive it? When the Soul Listens will guide you away from formulas and step-by-step prayer plans toward contemplative prayer, “the lifestyle that allows you to experience God’s presence,” writes author Jan Johnson. Learn to find rest and guidance in God, opening yourself to God’s presence and direction through this practical approach.

If you are disillusioned, experiencing spiritual dryness, or simply looking for the next step in your spiritual growth, When the Soul Listens offers a clear path to a fulfilling connection with God.

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A gentle and engaging doorway to an intimate and transformative life with God. For those stuck in a dry, lifeless, impersonal prayer practice, this book is a must-read!

Jan Johnson’s warm and honest wisdom illuminates the hidden, often shadowy parts of the interior world and guides us toward truth, love, and service. If you’re ready to take that journey, When the Soul Listens is a practical guide to help you better understand yourself and God’s purposes in your life.

Jan Johnson proves a faithful and trustworthy guide in helping me learn how to open space in my soul to listen for God’s transformative, loving voice, and out of that listening to bring God’s love and goodness into our world.

Deeply rooted in Scripture, animated by Jan’s own lively friendship with the Trinity, When the Soul Listens is a sane and refreshingly simple guidebook to the sort of intimate, interactive journey with God for which we were designed.