A Look at Luke’s Reference to Prayer

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Throughout his gospel, Luke constantly points to the connection between prayer.
Luke 3:21-22: The prayer and genuine ministry through the Holy Spirit.
Luke 1:8-10: Zechariah, John the baptizer’s father, is a man of prayer.
Luke 1:13,15,25: John the baptizer is born in answer to his parent’s prayers. He is “filled with the Holy Spirit even from birth.”
Luke 1:28-29: Mary knows how to hear God’s voice, and conceives by the Holy Spirit.
Luke 1:46-55: Mary shows herself a mighty woman of prayer.
Luke 1:67: Zechariah is filled with the Holy Spirit and prays a prophetic prayer.
Luke 2:25-27: Simeon, with “the Holy Spirit . . . upon him” has a well-devel- oped prayer life.
Luke 2:37: Anna is a woman of Holy Spirit descends on Jesus at His baptism, “as he was praying.”
Luke 4:1-2: Jesus, “full of the Holy Spirit” and “led by the Spirit,” prepares for ministry with 40 days of fasting and prayer.
Luke 5:16: Jesus often withdraws to lonely places to pray.
Luke 6:28: Jesus tells His followers to pray even for those who mistreat them.
Luke 9:29-35: Jesus is transfigured while praying; God’s voice is heard from a cloud.
Luke 10:1-2: Jesus sends out the 72 on a prayer journey.
Luke 11:1: The disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray.
Luke 11:2-4: Jesus gives the disciples His prayer pattern.
Luke 11:5-13: Jesus gives powerful prayer promises, culminating in the promise of the Holy Spirit.
Luke 18:1-8: Jesus continues to teach to always pray and never give up. Luke 19:46: Jesus declares that His house is to be a house of prayer.
Luke 22:32: Jesus prays that Peter’s faith may not fail.
Luke 22:40-41: Jesus instructs the disciples to pray against temptation, and then goes to pray Himself.
Luke 23:34,46: Jesus prays from the cross two times.
Luke 24:49: The resurrected Christ exhorts His followers to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit. Luke 24:50-51: Jesus prays a prayer of blessing as He ascends into heaven.
Fred A. Hartley III
Fred Hartley is a Lead Pastor in Atlanta, Georgia and President of the College of Prayer International. He has written twenty books including Prayer on Fire and God on Fire. Leading people to an encounter with the manifest presence of Christ is his life’s passion. He also enjoys running, golf, and playing with his grandchildren.
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