4 Attitudes Needed for Sharing the Gospel

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Would you agree that most Christians are apprehensive about sharing their faith with others? While most Christians feel a responsibility to share Christ with the lost, many do not do so because of fear, lack of know-how, or uneasiness in using canned, unnatural approaches to sharing Can you identify with any of the following excuses?
“Not my gift.”
“Too nervous.”
“I just don’t know enough.”
“It’s not my personality.”
Many Christians have overcome these excuses and discovered the joy and fruit that result from sharing their faith in Christ in the context of normal relationships with people. When there is mutual trust and respect in a relationship, the believer can easily and very effectively share his or her faith.
It’s a Matter of Attitude
What attitudes are necessary to effectively affirm the gospel to others?
1) We must be willing to initiate relationships.
Creating common ground will cost us time and privacy, but how will others see God’s grace in us if we keep our distance? We must go into the world to establish rapport needed to draw people into our lives.
2) We must show the same kind of love and acceptance toward sinners that Jesus displayed.
Jesus was the friend of tax collectors and sinners. We must accept people as they are. Be realistic about unbelievers and don’t expect too much. It is our responsibility to adapt to them unless absolute moral issues are involved. Make them feel comfortable around you.

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3) We must be willing to boldly identify with Christ early in a relationship.
We need to identify ourselves as Christians in the early stages [of the relationship] because the longer we wait without saying anything, the harder witnessing will be at a later time. It is not wise to conceal our identity as Christians. We must be open about our relationship with Christ, yet we need to guard against an overly aggressive spirit that would be threatening or offensive.
4) We must demonstrate dependence on God through persevering prayer.
Not only does God want us to initiate and develop relationships, He wants us to pray faithfully for those with whom we are sharing the faith.
Proper attitudes are essential as we seek to affirm the gospel.
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  1. Our church’s next project for the next couple of years is called “Boldly Go”! What perfect timing. One can never be over prepared but willing to share our testimony how Christ impacts our daily lives and SHOW the LOVE!


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