Walking & Talking with God in 2019

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If we were enjoying a cup of coffee and talking about 2019 “hopes and dreams,” it’s likely you would include something like “growing my prayer life”—abiding with Jesus, interceding for others, seeing God’s hand move!
Through the years, I’ve met so many people who long for a vibrant, impactful, walking and talking relationship with God. It seems like no one has “arrived” or is “satisfied” with his or her prayer life.
Here at the start of this brand new year, let’s gain motivation to be more intentional about prayer as we look back on how it made such a difference in one young man’s life—Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators.
“Daws” was deep into Scripture memorization, and Jeremiah 33:3 in particular captured his attention: “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not” (KJV).
Again and again he reviewed and meditated upon this verse. Did God really mean it—call upon Me; I will answer you; I will show you great and mighty things?
Pondering this led to a 42-day “prayer meeting,” in which Daws and a few others with him got serious about praying for local youth and cities, and then expanded out to other cities in their state, other states in their nation, and finally the world.
The small band of brothers prayed for two hours every morning—three on Sundays! In six weeks’ time, they had spent more than 100 hours in prayer, asking God to use them to win and train individuals for His glory around the world. They didn’t know how, but they claimed Jeremiah 33:3 and trusted God to fill in the details.

“We didn’t even know what we were praying,” Daws said. “I didn’t realize that within four years, men from every state of the nation would walk into our front room and find the Savior. God answered our prayers abundantly, and there was the beginning of our work called today by the name, Navigators.”
I shared this story in the first of a series of articles called “Developing a Life of Prayer,” which you will find on the Focus on the Family website here. This series of articles—based on pieces included in The Pray! Prayer Journalis designed to help people like you to conduct an extended “prayer meeting” of your own, connecting more deeply with the Lord and seeing more readily the difference prayer makes.
If you desire to grow your prayer life in 2019, better enjoying a walking and talking relationship with Him each day, may this series (and/or the journal itself) help you along the way!
Indeed, it’s on God’s heart to walk and talk more closely with you as well. The Creator of the universe is there, cares, and listens with an ear to respond—for His glory, for your good, and for the good of those around you!
Through the years, I have grown in my passion for Jesus and to see God at work through prayer, and my prayer is that I’ll walk and talk all the more deeply with the Lord in 2019. May this also be your experience as you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you!
– Dean Ridings. Dean is a Representative for Church Ministries and Communications Director of Lifelong Laborers with the Navigators.

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