Praying Through an Election – FREE ebook

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Hello Disciple-makers

It’s Jarret Stevens, author of Praying Through, and I want to let you know about a free resource that I’ve created for you called Praying Through an Election. As you see in the video, I have my sticker that says, “I Voted” right here with me. This is my social currency right now. I’m validated.

Jeanne and I actually already voted but here’s the deal. You only get to vote once and elections come and go, but the state of your soul matters more than you know to God.

And so what I’ve created is a seven day little journal, a seven day reflection, a seven day meditation to help you walk through and beyond this election so that you can tend to the state of your soul regardless of the state of our nation.

It’s free and available to you at to download your copy today.



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