A Woman Whose God Is Enough

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Cynthia Heald is a woman for whom I hold the greatest respect. For decades her Bible studies challenged me to draw nearer to God. Becoming a Woman of Excellence introduced me to Cynthia, Intimacy with God caused me to love her, and currently her personal anecdotes within the pages of Becoming a Woman whose God is Enough transparently and vulnerably model the intimate relationship with God available to us all.  Her words tug at my hear and invite me to go even deeper with God.

I am always reminded of the lovely, composed, smiling woman I first met so many years ago as speaker at Sandy Cove Conference Center in Northeast, Maryland. Her words reflected the riches of her love for God and a humility rarely seen. I recently spoke with my dear friend, Candy Davison, Sandy Cove Ministries Women’s Ministry Director Emeritus, and asked her to tell the story of a memory of Cynthia we both shared.

“During the course of my 24 years of leading Women’s Ministry Conferences at Sandy Cove Ministries in North East, MD,” Candy writes, “I enjoyed the distinct privilege of getting to know Cynthia Heald. One of the major responsibilities of my job was to book speakers and musicians to minister to women. As an author of many important books for women desiring a closer relationship with the Lord, Cynthia was an obvious choice! One of those books, I remember, was A Woman’s Journey to the Heart of God. Cynthia used that book as the theme for her messages the first time she came to Sandy Cove. I can think of no one more well suited for leading us on that journey!

“I loved Cynthia Heald as an author, a speaker, and a friend! She is warm, friendly, witty and generous with her time and knowledge. An outstanding example of humility in a Christian…she is one who always points to Jesus and never to herself. One of my favorite memories of Cynthia as a speaker was the way she ended each of her messages. In most other similar situations, at the end of a speaker’s message, the audience would applaud to show their appreciation. She would have none of that! Usually she would end with prayer and then quietly start singing some well-known hymn or chorus to which the audience would join in. While they sang, with no fanfare whatsoever, she would quietly leave the stage! I just loved that!

“Cynthia Heald is one of a kind! I wish I could give her a hug right now!”

Linda Waterman
Linda Waterman

and her husband, Reen, are new Navigators Staff with D4L Neighbors. Author, Bible teacher, and speaker (www.yourrefreshedlife.com), Linda is passionate to draw nearer to God herself, lead women to know Jesus more intimately and equip them to fulfill His purpose for their lives (as described in Ephesians 2:10). In her free time, Linda enjoys family (mother to Ruthie, John and Sarah, and grandmother to John, Jr., Caroline, and Wyatt), friends, cooking, and exploring fascinating new places with Reen.

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  1. Cynthia’s books inspired and discipled me when they first came out also. I remember getting “The Woman of Excellence” I was very hungry for the word at that time as I was a latecomer to the Bible and I seeked out all the teaching and discipling books I could find.


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