10 Great Kids Books to Help You Disciple Your Kids

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Discipling children in the faith is one of the most important responsibilities a parent has. It lays the foundation for their spiritual journey and personal development. In a world filled with diverse influences and challenges, providing them with a strong grounding in their faith equips them with the tools to navigate life’s complexities with clarity and purpose. Books are one great tool for helping your kids learn important Biblical truths.

1. Topical Memory System for Kids

The Topical Memory System has been helping adults memorize Scripture for decades, and now it will help your kids too! Inside you’ll find tear-out memory verse cards (with colorful illustrations) for use in multiple games. Complementing the games is a devotional-style guide for families that helps with understanding the context of each verse in the larger picture of God’s story. There are also discussion questions that provide opportunities to go deeper in Scripture with every verse. Kids will have fun playing the memory games as their faith and understanding of God’s Word grows!

2. Discipleship for Kids: Helping Children Grow in Christ

Discipleship for Kids is designed for children to read alone or with an adult. It uses The Wheel, a longtime Navigator tool that provides a clear pathway through the priorities of the Christian life. Each chapter has features from fictional stories to key definitions and from interaction with corresponding verses for the topic and Scripture memory to questions to explore and discuss. This book is not about simply gaining information so you can get things just right for God. Discipleship is never about perfecting the Christian life. It’s about moving forward with Jesus at the center.

3. My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids

Help your child discover the value of God’s Word. My First Message transforms family devotions into an interactive experience. The Message translation offers Bible readings that kids can easily understand. Featuring 50 of the Bible’s most cherished stories, My First Message brings their timeless lessons to life with colorful, captivating illustrations.

4. Big Feelings Days: A Book about Hard Things, Heavy Emotions, and Jesus’ Love

Children have a lot of emotions too, and feeling sad or angry or brokenhearted can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to help kids understand that their feelings are valuable and normal—and that they can creatively express what they feel to Jesus, who created emotions and deeply cares about every one. Big Feelings Days is a tender and engaging picture book that helps children ages 3–7 learn to release their feelings of grief, anger, and heartbreak in creative ways to a God who cares.

5. Before I Was Born: God Knew My Name

From a very early age, many children start to notice and become curious about bodies, babies, and where they come from. Before I Was Born emphasizes God’s good design for our bodies and lays a biblical foundation for understanding sexuality. Framing everything within the larger story of God’s wonderful design, your child can begin to understand that God is the giver of good gifts, including the gift of our bodies.

6. Good Night Tales: A Family Treasury of Read-Aloud Stories

Good Night Tales leads your children through a vivid, beautiful, and imaginative adventure through Scriptural truths. This collection of Scripture-based stories brings a forest to life through animal kings, trolls, plum-loving giants, and fiddle-playing crickets. Stories include reimaginings of Israel asking for a new king, parables about searching for the kingdom of God, and Psalm 23.

7. Good Night Classics: A Fairy-Tale Journey through God’s Good News

In Good Night Classics, celebrated author and illustrator C. S. Fritz uses beloved fairy tales to tell the story of God’s good news for the world. Families will learn about honesty, contentment, obedience, grace, and more through these familiar and beloved stories. In this beautifully written and illustrated exploration of fairy tales through the lens of the Gospel, classic stories illuminate the truths of Scripture in ways children will love.

8. Seekers: An Interactive Family Adventure in Following Jesus

Looking for an exciting, compelling way to teach children about God and the Bible? Explore this extraordinary resource full of puzzles, art, and clues about the mysteries of the Christian faith. Families with children 8-12 will love solving cases together in this fantastical, escape-room style book. Seekers: An Interactive Family Adventure in Following Jesus is sure to become your favorite family discipleship resource.

9. How to Pray: A Guide for Young Explorers

Full of whimsical illustrations and fun, practical activities, How to Pray: A Guide for Young Explorers will help your child develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for prayer. Kids ages 8–11 will learn about the life-changing practice of talking to God every day as Greig explains prayer in profound yet easy-to-understand ways. Teach your child the life-giving and life-changing power of prayer so that they can experience the amazing gift of talking with the God of the universe.

10. Whistlestop Tales: Around the World in 10 Bible Stories

The Bible is filled with stories featuring rich, cultural diversity. In the Bible, we meet an Iranian queen, a Syrian spy, an Italian soldier, and a Sudanese senator, to name just a few of the many ethnically diverse people that God has woven into his grand redemption story. Whistlestop Tales features ten Bible stories that illustrate how God uses people from all over the world to accomplish his purposes. These action-packed stories will encourage children to live out their own unique adventures with God.

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