Is God speaking to you?

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“Listening to the Spirit’s leading is our most unused faith muscle. We must learn to exercise it,” says Jessie Cruickshank, a nationally recognized expert in disciplemaking and the neuroscience of transformation, in her book Ordinary Discipleship.

According to Jessie, God is personal and speaks to each of us individually in a way we can hear. While that makes us feel special, it also makes the experience of hearing God’s voice hard to validate (scientifically speaking). Hearing God is much more art and heart than science and mind. And the more we are in the Bible, learning what God says, the easier it will be to recognize his voice among all the others in our head.

To help recognize the Spirit’s voice—and to help others do the same—she relies on five principles you’ll find on this free download.

Download “Making a Choice that Aligns with the Holy Spirit” today!

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