Lead Your Church and Ministry Well

Lead Your Church and Ministry Well

Relevant Resources for Christian Leaders

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Whether you are pastoring a church congregation, a small group, a team or an organization—or even if you’re aspiring to lead someday—NavPress has resources to help you better understand the culture around you, to encourage you to lead well, and to strengthen your faith.

Whether you are a pastor looking for ministry supplies or you are looking for tools to help you disciple a friend, NavPress has a wide selection of helpful books to choose from. Browse resources that will help you cultivate leadership qualities to better equip you to serve those around you.

Alejandro Mendes teaches us how to bridge cultural gaps in the church.

Do people who look different than you feel welcome in your church, community, or organization?

In Embracing the New Samaria, Alejandro Mandes equips disciplemakers to love people who are different than us so that we can bring the whole world to Jesus. With stories of majority-culture churches that have embraced the minority culture around them, you’ll learn ways that you, too, can make room for all at the table. Embracing the New Samaria is full of examples, tools, resources, and reflections that you can use in your church, community, or organization to bridge the gap between people of different cultural backgrounds.


Angie Ward speaks specifically to women who are called to leadership.

Women leaders are often plagued many potential obstacles—competing time demands, changing seasons of life, as well as self-doubt and criticism.

With 30 years of leadership experience and leader development, Angie Ward encourages women to pursue their leadership calling with joy and. I Am a Leader will help you understand the concept of calling and prepare you to consider challenges that you may meet along the way as a woman leader. Embrace your calling with courage and confidence as you join God in his Kingdom work in the world!