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Declaring Interdependence in Our Neighborhoods

There was a time when neighbors knew each other’s names, when small children and the old and infirm alike had more than their families looking out for them. There was a time when our neighborhoods were our closest communities. No more. Neighborhoods have become the place where nobody knows your name. Into this neighborhood crisis

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Why Lent Is Good for Your Brain and Your Soul

Lent begins Wednesday, March 1st Would you rather inflict pain on yourself than be alone with your own thoughts?  That was the question some researchers posed a couple of years ago.  In an unusual study, they put people in a room alone with no devices for 15 minutes.  But first, they had them them try

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God’s Oscar Speech

When Jesus was baptised, the Spirit descended and the Father announced to the world how very proud he was of his Son: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased” (Luke 3:22). At this point in his life, however, Jesus hadn’t actually done anything publicly to merit such approval. Jesus

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Your Healthy Conversation About Race Starts Here

In the middle of a segregated city, our church seemed a model multicultural gathering. Our small group meetings were diverse. Our pastoral staff was diverse. The music performed on Sunday morning had no particular allegiance to a specific genre. It was the utopia that many pastors desire in the contemporary preoccupation with diversity. However, July

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