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Stop Waiting: 6 Steps for Evangelism

The only time Jesus told us to “wait around” was when he said to wait for the Holy Spirit to empower us. That’s excellent advice. We shouldn’t be trying to do this alone, because only God can make the complexity of spiritual reality truly clear to someone. So let’s not wait for someone to come

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Does God Want to Burst Your Bubble?

As the story of Simba vividly illustrates, sometimes even those of us who think we know who we are (or who have been told who we are our whole lives by our culture, our family of origin, or God Himself ) wander and need reminding. This is a prodigal journey, and it takes many forms—some

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What is Your Good News?

The idea of a gospel that is both unchanging and deeply personal, both the same for everyone and completely different for each of us, sounds perplexing, but it’s a solid theological concept. The Greek word euangelion (εὐαγγέλιον) translates exactly to the words good news or good message. It was a term originally used in wartime.

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The Meaning of a Fruitful Life

Healthy human life is fruitful life. We sense this at a deep level. For instance, the desire for abundance can bring forth a home with children, a bountiful flower garden, a farm flourishing with crops, a job with creative opportunities, a business with steady growth, an expanding role in public leadership, or simply the sharing

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How to Let God Choose Your Path in Life

When I was twenty-six years old, I exercised my right to waive my rights and surrendered my life to the Lord. When I turned forty, I was surprise at how quickly the years had passed, and realized that in all probability my life was half over. I was familiar with James 4:14, which teaches that

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