What’s Your Bible Story?

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Helping people connect with the language of the bible can have a huge impact on their lives. Check out this great story from Tyler, who’s life was pointed in the right direction because he connected with God in a personal and meaningful way, through the Bible.
I was in Middle School and I always loved a great narrative. I loved God but having an affection for his word was always a struggle. I spent time reading, and still having this disconnect with the language. They gave away a Message Bible as a prize in my youth group and I happened to win.
I spent the next years ravaging through the pages and falling deeper and deeper in love with these stories of the Old Testament, and then I found the words of Jesus. To actually be able to read the words spoken by Jesus in such a way that was attainable not just for my ears, but my soul. With technology being what it is and having the bible in our phones I still couldn’t abandon that Message Bible I received many years ago. To this day, it is covered in duct tape to keep from falling apart. The pages are frail from being taken everywhere on the planet and dried from many tears and late nights with God.
There’s no doubt in my mind that God used The Message to change my life. I’m now a Worship Pastor and walking in my calling with a deep affection and commitment to the word of God.
Don’t underestimate the impact you can have by helping others find ways to connect more deeply with God.
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